Sports Professionals, Artists, and Other Cultural Professionals

If you are a professional in Sports, Arts, and Culture and have a high level of achievement (at a national or global level) you may be eligible to immigrate to Canada!

The Federal Self-Employed Person class is a category for candidates who intend to become self-employed in Canada while contributing and having an impact on the culturalartistic or athletic profession of Canada. The main reason for this category is to invite established and capable athletes to represent Canada professionally as an athlete, a coach or a world-class artist. You must proof that your intention is to continue to be self-employed with your activities, upon arrival in Canada, 

Your experience is important on your prospective immigration application to Canada. Your experience must be: 

  • taken part in cultural activities or athletics at a world-class level,
  • self-employed in cultural activities or athletics,

Cultural activities include jobs generally seen as part of Canada’s artistic and cultural fields. Examples include: 

  • authors and writers,
  • creative and performing artists,
  • musicians,
  • painters,
  • sculptors and other visual artists,
  • technical support and other jobs in motion pictures,
  • creative designers and
  • craftspeople.

If you believe you may be eligible under either of the above categories, please contact our team at your earliest!