What is a Commissioner for Oaths?

A Commissioner for Oaths is a person who can administer and witness the swearing of oaths, to take and receive affidavits, statutory declarations and affirmations.

The person who is swearing for an oath is call a deponent or declarant. The duty of a commissioner for Oaths is to certify that that oath or affirmation or declaration has been administered properly. Commissioners for Oaths do no certify the truth that is contained in the document, this is the responsibility of the deponent or declarant.

The declarant must be physically present before the Commissioner for Oaths. The declarant will be requested to have their identity and signature verified and authenticated before any document can be signed before the Commissioner for Oaths. At least one piece of identification, such as a provincial health care card, valid driver’s license or a permanent resident card will be required for verification purpose.

Why would a Commissioner for Oaths refuse to take an affidavit?

Documents signed by a Commissioner for Oaths could go to court. The Commissioner for Oaths will be required to defend these documents therefore, they may refuse to take an affidavit for valid reasons.

Our Commissioner for Oaths services

We can commission any statutory declarations and affidavits to be used in all provinces of Canada:

Administering Oaths and Affirmations

Acting as Commissioner for Taking Affidavits

Birth Declaration

Business license Renewals

Children Travel Permit Declaration 

Civil Court Documents

Declaration of a Relative Living in Quebec / Canada

Declaration on Certificates of Origin

Family Law Documents

Invitation Letter to Canada

Marital Status Declaration

Living in Quebec Declaration

Lost Passports

Overseas Income Declaration

Power of Attorney

Pension Documents

Real Estate Documents

Single Status Declaration

True Copy