Home Child Care Providers (NOC 4411)

Care provider for children continous basis or a short term basis. The care involve looking after or assisting the parents on the well-being, phycial and social development of children. Household duties may be included. The provision of care is primarily in the children's homes. The provider may be self-employed, employed privately or by child-care agencies. Foster parents are also included in this category.

Example of Titles

Babysitter, Child care provider, Live-in Caregiver, Child Care, Nanny, Parent's Helper

Main duties

  • Care and supervise children in the employer's home
  • Assist with bathing, dressing and feeding infants and children
  • Changing of diapers and preparing formulas
  • Prepare meals for children and supervise their activities such as meal time and rest periods
  • Perform housekeeping duties such as cleaning or laundry
  • Keep a safe and healthy environment  in the private home
  • Attend to emotional well-being of children and support their social development
  • Discipline children as per parent's request
  • Organize and participate in activities such as crafts, reading and occasional outings 
  • Assist with taking children to and from appointments and school
  • Keep record of daily activities and health information as requested by parents

Requirements to become employed

  • Must have completed secondary school 
  • May require a completion of child care related training program
  • Some child care and housekeeping management experience may be required
  • First aid certification and CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) certification may be required

Please email info@inspican.com if you are interested in the program with an attached CV, detailing which requirements above have you met, and which requirements you would like our help with.