Canada Launches the Global Skills Strategy

Canada Launches the Global Skills Strategy

  • 2017 Jun 13

New Canadian Strategy to Welcome International Skilled Professionals to Canadian Job Market 
   As the afternoon of June 12, 2017  Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Minister Ahmed Hussen alongside other officials from Canada’s economic and employment agencies rolled out the Global Skills Strategy.  In an effort to maintain the growth of industry in Canada, Canada’s government has introduced a new Global Skills Strategy. The Global Skills Strategy will enable Canadian employers and industry to appeal to talented international employees and innovators. In doing so, generating not only capital but middle-class jobs. With this new strategy, highly trained workers immigrating to Canada with a temporary visa will now only have a two week wait for applications and document processing. This two week wait will apply to work permits and, if compulsory, temporary resident visas. Not only does the employee benefit from this Strategy, spouses and dependant also benefit because their work permit and study permits will also be process within the two week time frame, if they qualify.

   Part of the Global Skills Strategy is employers can take advantage of the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada’s a new service offered alongside Global Talent Stream. These services will equip employers with the ability to reach temporary, highly trained employees to aid in increasing knowledge or specialization in the industries’ field. The two new work permit exemptions are in effect as of today. These new exemptions will not apply to highly skilled workers or researchers, who either are coming to Canada for short-term assignment or participating in short-term research project.

   Since the inception of the Global Skills Strategy in November 2016, the key goal has been to encourage world wide investment in Canada. By creating a more streamlined process that allows entry of the world’s best talents and innovators to Canada, is beneficial for the Canadian economy and citizens.  
Things to note:

  • Those who are eligible:
    Big capital Canadian companies that require specialized workers in their field of industry. International companies that are investing or have been considering relocation to Canada, ensuring the creation of Canadian jobs.  

  • The cost: $1,000 per position, plus the cost of the visas.

  • Process: Employers may inform the IRCC of a candidate that would best suit the position that they’re trying to fill. Once that has been established, the company will then receive help with completing the Labour Market Benefit Plan and Labour Market Impact Assessment.

  • Processing time: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has a two-week processing time that it expects to meet at least 80 percent of the time.

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